How to be a Good Executor

You can say no. The executor of an estate is a daunting task. While some find it cathartic to help complete the final requests of the person they are mourning, others don’t want the responsibility, and that’s okay. 

Coming to the job prepared is the best first step in being an executor. Communicate with your loved one on essential decisions to avoid conflict after his or her passing. If there are controversial issues like excluding someone in the will, ask them to write a letter explaining their decision. Your job is to follow through with their wishes, not to agree or disagree with them. 

Patience is an emotion that comes in handy both for the amount of paperwork ahead and dealing with family members’ feelings. Ensure all involved that it may take as much as a year to pay off all the debts, pay taxes, or close on a home before they see any payoff. If you can find joy in your work, your attitude will soon spread to others. 

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