May is a Busy Time in Your Garden

If you enjoy having your hands in the dirt, the month of May will bring you joy! As the flowering tulips and dogwoods surround you, it’s time to begin planting your fruits and vegetables. Begin with your favorite variety of tomatoes, and prepare your palette for summer’s best gift. They love growing in the heat, so be sure to plant them once the soil temperature remains above 50 degrees at night.

Spice up your garden with basil, dill, rosemary, and cilantro. Like the tomatoes, they love the sun and will do well, potted in containers just outside your kitchen. The moisture and oils are most concentrated in the morning, which is an excellent time to snip them for the day’s dishes.

If your spring bulbs have finished blooming, cut away the flower stalks.  It’s time to plant the summer bulbs like dahlia and begonia. These flowers will bloom all summer in beds, borders, and containers. When your work is complete, you can sit back and soak in the sunshine and beauty of your garden. 

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