Fun Games to get those Memory Muscles Moving

Seniors’ brains do not shrivel up with age! However, neurobics is essential to keep your mind sharp and avoid dementia. Neurobics are activities or mental exercises that stimulate the brain, prevent memory loss, and improve memory recall. Playing a variety of brain-training games daily is a sure-fire way to keep the mind alert and sharp.

Luminosity is one of the most popular online subscription programs that offer many games, so you’ll never experience boredom. While you have to pay to play, they offer a free version to try before committing.

If numbers are your forte, then Sudoku may be the puzzle for you. It requires logic and memory skills, which in turn push your brain to make new connections. The strategic thinking involved improves concentration and increases quick decision making.

Did you play the game Concentration with a deck of cards when you were young? Grab the grandkids and begin turning over the cards to make matches. Your memory-boosting skills will show up the children in no time!

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