Great Tips for Used Coffee Grounds!

After enjoying your morning coffee, hold on before you throw out those grounds. America’s much-loved morning brew produces what many consider a waste product. However, the myriad of uses for coffee grounds may surprise those who garden – or want to look a little younger!

Coffee grounds mixed with water, honey, or coconut oil create a paste you can use to scrub over your body. Exfoliation removes dead cells from the top layer of your skin, unclogs pores, and can make your skin look brighter. Caffeic acid, the antioxidant present in coffee, may boost collagen levels to make your skin look younger. 

Your garden has a new friend when you mix coffee grounds into the soil. One study showed it improved the nutritional value of lettuce. It also conserves the nitrogen content of the soil, which can promote plant growth.

If you want to eliminate odors, carbonized coffee grounds absorb hydrogen sulfide molecules from the air. They can minimize odors in shoes, and if your shoes scuffed the furniture, a mixture of coffee grounds and water creates a paste you can rub into scratches on wooden furniture to help camouflage them. Another source says burning spent coffee grounds on a plate near your outdoor entertaining area can also repel bees from a family meal on your patio or deck.

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