Benefits of both a Millennial & a Boomer in the Workplace

A boomer may say “it takes one to know one” as they size up a millennial in corporate culture, but there seem to be more and more differences.. So what value does the older generation offer to the younger one at work? While each age group has tremendous benefits, boomers provide a collection of experiences that translate into rich levels of leadership.

Leadership comes in many forms, but it is different from Management. One of the best ways to grow into a leadership position is to handle multiple on-the-job experiences over the years. Gone are the days of doing what you are told to do by a manager. Leadership involves listening and hearing opposing opinions.

A boomer can come in handy when navigating complex issues because of their time in the workplace. Some stereotype millennials with commitment issues believe they should jump from one company to another if they don’t achieve career advancement in a specific timeframe. Conversely, many boomers spent decades working long hours and sticking out jobs to make things happen.

No one will doubt a millennial’s ability to juggle multiple issues simultaneously or whip out complex software code. A boomer may bring a calmer, more thoughtful pace to the culture of the company. Each generation has exceptional benefits that make for a rich environment.

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