Purdue engineers an “Ultra White” Paint; can literally cool houses

Some white surfaces in summer can make you run for sunglasses or shade from the sheer brightness, but now there’s a new creation.. an ultra white paint which can reflect up to 981% of sunlight, saving on a building’s air conditioning and even minimizing painful bare feet hopping across hot surfaces.

When used on building exteriors and roofs, it can drastically reduce energy costs and the need for as much air conditioning in warmer climates.  Used on metal outdoor furniture, it can then become cool to the touch!  When the sun’s radiation is reflected rather than absorbed, you have a ripple effect of cooling to the touch and softening of such harsh brightness without giving up the attributes of sunlight.  Although it may take a couple years to reach the market for public use, be first in line to give it a try – read HERE to learn more.