Assisted Living Design Trends for 2021

The impact of living in isolation for most of 2020 inspired new design trends for this year.  Adding hardy plants near windows brightens the area helps bring the outdoors in as it helps with air purification. Adding more natural light creates positive energy throughout the facility. Promoting holistic wellness boosts connectivity to the outdoors without leaving your living spaces.

One of the biggest trends will be surfaces and materials that staff can easily clean. Faux-wood metals for dining furniture are tough enough for rigorous cleaning, and antimicrobial fabrics make great choices for cushions and chairs. 

Future communal spaces will include furniture situated to accommodate safe distancing. Small lounge spaces provide comfort for families to visit while preventing too many people from congregating in one area. Warmer color palettes will be trending throughout the living spaces, which supports a homelike environment. 

The workload of support staff increased dramatically during the pandemic. One positive offshoot is a move towards updating staff lounges. Adding recliners and sleeper sofas provides respite during overworked days and nights. Additional charging ports for personal electronics allow staff to stay connected with family and friends during breaks. 

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