Book Your Next Vacation Now… but be Flexible

It’s time to dust off the travel brochures and begin planning your long-awaited vacation. The key this year is to take advantage of the new booking policies that hotels, airlines, and tour companies enacted. You’ll find most cancellation fees are becoming a thing of the past. Some companies will let you cancel for free up to 90 days before departure.

Being safe is still most important. Risk ratings for different countries range from level one, which means you should exercise standard precautions through level 4, which are places you shouldn’t travel. However, taking advantage of a booking while the country is at level four means that rates will be super low, and if you consistently check the status, you may find that the country moved up to level one while you awaited your trip. No harm in dreaming when you know you can cancel without penalties.

One advantage to booking now for a trip a year out is that when the world opens again, the pent-up demand for traveling could explode. Why wait when you can procure a spot for that dream vacation you’ve waited for decades to take.

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