Gratitude – with a can of beans…

The studies are clear that practicing gratitude increases physical and mental health, reduces aggression, and enhances self-esteem. With all the extra benefits that gratitude offers, how can you get started?  As you follow the link below, scroll down to the Gratitude exercise focusing on a can of beans. There is so much to be gained if  you try this!

Other than the can of beans, another easy and popular way to begin is to jot down (or make a note on your phone) three items a day of which you’re thankful. If you’ve had a bad day, look up at the sky or clouds or birds above you, as they are beautiful gifts for which to show appreciation. If all you see is a thunder cloud, then jot down your gratefulness that it will help your flowers grow!

Start a gratitude box. It doesn’t matter if it is a purchased wooden vessel or a shoebox you decorate. Each time you think of a loved one, write what you are grateful for about that person, even if they live a thousand miles away. It can be your secret box of thanks for special people in your life.

Meditating, carrying a gratitude rock, or going on a gratitude walk are more proven exercises that help you develop a profound sense of gratitude.

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