Party Games with Seniors

As we approach Memorial Day weekend and crawl out of pandemic isolation in the coming months, gathering with friends and family may be our first item of business. Engaging in fun games that cater to all generations can kick start an afternoon or evening of fun.

If you want senior members to remain engaged, choose games that are mentally stimulating, easy to learn, and entertaining. You may even want to designate the oldest member of the group to offer a game from his or her childhood. Old Maid is a venerable favorite that dates back to the Victorian Age. Perfect for young and old alike, it combines tension and speed as cards are passed around. No one wants to be holding the dreaded old maid at the end of the game.

If your group is more on the intellectual side, they’ll enjoy a competitive round of Scrabble. The senior player may have words that are no longer used by younger generations, which will keep the youngsters on their toes. If the senior is up with the times, they’ll be good at words created since the beginning of the 21st century. Generation Z may be surprised that grandma is so woke.

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