Co-housing: an Aging-in-Place Alternative

If modern subdivisions where you may never meet your neighbor aren’t to your liking, but you still want to age-in-place, it may behoove you to consider an alternative showing up across the country. A typical co-housing community incorporates 20-30 single-family homes that encourage interaction with neighbors. You’ll find multiple shared spaces such as a kitchen and dining room where people gather to cook and eat. Read HERE about a specific community in Colorado.

Co-housing can house multi-generations or focus on those over 55. What is consistent throughout co-housing communities is the commitment to social engagement. Residents develop relationships as they come together to plan events and meals. An excellent by-product of the community is having a cohort of friends if one becomes ill. A support system is vital to enhance the quality of life. 

Communities can house groups of established family and friends. You can reconnect with old pals at a school reunion and begin to plan a co-housing community built to suit all those involved. Reunions of laughter would become an everyday occurrence! 

Read HERE for a chart on how to design and operate a co-housing community of your very own.