Easy Beginner Tips for Senior Workouts

Whether you are just beginning to exercise or beginning again, make exercise a fun part of your day. The last thing you want is a dreaded routine! Start with something you love. Flexing your hands can feel like a massage if they are tight. The blood flows, and voila! You began your exercise routine. 

Having fun and keeping it simple makes exercising more enjoyable. The key is to keep moving. Why not try a few dance steps in the kitchen as you play your favorite oldies in the background. Getting in shape does not mean a membership to a gym with a long list of exercises to follow. Getting in shape means wiggling, jitterbugging, or a game of red light/green light with the grandkids. 

As you develop your confidence, include strength training, balance, and stretching into each day. A can of soup is an excellent prop to build your arm muscles. To improve balance, stand on one leg or stand still with your eyes closed. Once again, this is an easy maneuver for you to do in the kitchen. Stretching is as easy as raising your arms above your head. 

Read HERE to learn ways to kick-start easy and fun routines at home. You’ll soon be slipping in more movements throughout your day!