Get Your Patriotism On with Red, White, and Blue Desserts

July 4th is around the corner, and there isn’t a better time to get creative with dessert. Invite family and friends over to enjoy the holiday with a festive cake that is sure to inspire fireworks. There’s time to purchase some unique ingredients for home delivery so you can get cooking.

Hersey’s makes a patriotic bag of M&Ms of red, blue, and white candies. You may want to purchase extra bags for future projects since they keep for up to a year in a cool, dry cupboard (if you don’t eat them by accident)! Simply whip up a sheet cake and frost it with buttercream icing. The blue candies sit in the upper left-hand corner for the stars, and then add double rows of alternating white and red M&Ms. You’ll be singing the star, spangled banner before you finish!

Alternatively, use blueberries for the stars and raspberries and white chocolate chips for the rows. You can also use sliced strawberries and piped white frosting for the stripes. 

Read HERE for 15 creative desserts to celebrate the holiday. How about Oreos dipped in red and white frosting, or Rice Krispies dyed red and blue and then magically layered to form a flag? Have fun!