Granny-Style is the New Trend with Millennials

Don’t send your dark wood furniture or dated china to the dump! After years of hearing that the boomer’s children don’t want their “stuff,” the tide is turning. There’s a new fad emerging in the design world called Grandmillennial. Each generation tends to rebel against the previous one. Today, those in their 20s and 30s are moving away from the minimalist décor of the last decade. 

Realtors often ask seniors who put their homes up for sale to paint the interior all white to increase the value. Today, the young generation of homebuyers is trending to the antidote of mid-century modern interiors. They reach for toiles, patterned furniture, and floral wallpaper as a new era of pattern and texture emerges. Then they update the granny-style with modern touches, like an abstract painting placed above a mahogany table.

The grandmillennials’ spaces are fun and full of personality as they mix design trends from the ‘30s and ‘40s that are anything but sterile or cookie-cutter. Walnut or cherry wood brings a sense of history, while a metallic accent keeps the space young and fresh. 

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