Aging Gracefully

It is a pretty simple process. Since no one is going to avoid the inevitable, why not find serenity in the transition. Fighting aging may create a frown of worry rather than a knowing smile of wisdom. Relax and enjoy the years ahead with good habits that you have total control over.  

There are plenty of habits to avoid. Smoking is a sure-fire way to age your body. Puffing away can impact your chance of cancer, high blood pressure, or breathing difficulties. Throw out the cigarettes along with a diet high in refined sugars. All those processed foods will reduce your energy level. And a low energy level will keep you from enjoying those habits to develop when you….

Get outdoors! Exercising daily will keep you looking and feeling young while increasing your energy levels. Moving those muscles will increase your chance of a good night of beauty sleep too. Seven to eight hours a night is easier after walking in the park or riding a bike to the store. The best part is that after a restful night, you’ll attack the next day with vim and vigor. 

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