Dogs can bring us the Fountain of Youth!

Science has finally caught up with what dog owners may already know. Not only do our furry friends bring joy to our lives every day, but they may also have a significant impact on the number of days we have on earth!

Why shouldn’t you live longer with a dog? Puppy dog eyes greeting you each morning is reason enough to start each new day. Ten studies evaluated dog ownership and its association with mortality. Three million people were part of the studies from 1950 to 2019, and the results concluded that dog owners have a 24% lower risk for death of any cause. That’s enough to have you skipping to the park with a leash in hand. 

The authors speculated that the physical activity of walking your pet could be what makes the difference. Dogs could also assist in managing stress. For those who experience loneliness, Fido is the perfect antidote. 

While dogs help longevity, seniors must address other issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes. We haven’t heard of a dog that forces you to stop smoking, but there must be some that could be trained for the job!

Read HERE for the benefits that dogs bring, and then hug your furry one in thanks.