Protect your Pet & your wallet with a PAWP membership


First of all, we love a bargain… who doesn’t?  Second: How do you know if you actually need to take your pet to the vet? We worry when they are limping or if there is any fur/skin irritation.. Or if they start behaving strangely we begin to wonder if they have been bitten when they were out in the back yard, so wouldn’t it be great to have a virtual visit with a vet before packing up your buddy after getting an appointment, and taking the time and money to see your vet?

What if you could spend $19 a month for this perk and that would cover up to 6 pets (dogs and cats only) in one household?  There are no age or breed restrictions. You receive unlimited, on-demand access 24/7 to licensed vets via chat or video call.  This rate also comes with a $3000 annual emergency fund.  You can use the funds at any vet in the United States.  Pawp pays the vet directly before you leave the clinic.

Read here for more information, and for signing up for Pawp