Good Questions for Touring an Independent Living Facility

Let’s pretend you are a passionate bocce ball enthusiast, and your one goal in life is to play this sport seven days a week. Choosing an independent living facility may be an easy process if you find a community that installed eleven bocce ball courts and hosts tournaments year-round. Most seniors aren’t quite so single-minded, and they tend to look for a variety of services. 

The critical issue is for you to find the community that is best for you. Asking essential questions helps hone a fit in which you’ll be happy. Maybe you are healthy and want a home full of active cohorts. Even if you a full of energy today, you may wish to inquire about continuing care. One fall on the tennis court could require support with mobility issues for months at a time. Direct what-if questions can help you make a strategic decision as you grab your hiking poles for a climb up the mountain. 

Knowing about hidden costs and fees upfront will defuse frustration down the line. Some communities ask for an entrance fee. Do your monthly fees include trash pickup or internet access. Costs add up, and you want your expectations set correctly so that the transition is smooth. 

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