After 60, grab this protective force field…

Youth is not always wasted on the young! Grab your youthful frame of mind and have your own incredible force field. According to researchers in Germany, being young at heart may help seniors live longer, healthier lives. Feeling more youthful than your actual age appears to provide a protective force field against stress – and stress reduction can reduce systemic inflammation.  Anyone can stimulate their own Force field this way, and benefit for years to come as a result!

The study followed 5,000 men who averaged 64-years-old, and they found that the more significant the stress they felt, the greater the decline to execute routine tasks. However, if your subjective age is lower than your actual age, researchers believe there’s a virtuous cycle whereby you tend to take better care of yourself. 

Jumping out of bed and hitting the hiking trails each morning will benefit you long term. Gathering with pals at the gym and creating friendly competitive workouts will make you physically stronger. Heck, organizing a wheelchair race with your cohorts at the assisted living facility will keep everyone laughing while boosting attitude and reducing stress. 

Yes, you are only as young as you feel, and keeping a youthful attitude will permeate the feelings of those around you. You may be responsible for keeping all your pals moving and grooving for years to come. 

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