83 yr old’s Favorite amusement parks of the 333 he’s been to around the globe!

If riding a roller coaster gives your stomach the butterflies, can you imagine riding hundreds of them in a lifetime and getting paid to do it?

Once an optical engineer, Paul Ruben who has over 83 years ridden 903 different roller coasters, is currently a full time writer on amusement parks and is the North American editor for ParkWorld.  He has visited every major theme park in the US, and in this article he lays out his 13 favorite theme parks – although it was a difficult task to choose favorites!

From fabulous pictures of Paul riding the roller coasters to his detailed description of why these are his favorites, I personally cannot wait to ride his favorite US coaster which is in Charlotte NC.. “They call it Fury 325 because it’s 325 feet tall and it’s so big that it falls around the park, outside the park, and dives underneath people who are coming into the park. It’s big and fast, and like any really good coaster, it is nonstop action from the lift hill until you get back to the loading platform.”

He even includes a link for the best amusement park in your state.. (all the better reason to send AgingTopic.com to your friends and relatives who live anywhere!)

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I’ve Been to Every Theme Park in America—And These 13 Are My Favorites