The Granny Pod: an Assisted Living Alternative

Something that began in Australia in the ‘70s may be catching on quickly in America. When your parent isn’t ready to move to assisted living, and you don’t think she (or he) should be living alone, the perfect compromise may be right in your backyard!

Granny pods are modular structures that reduce the expense of building a tiny home for your loved one. The pod hooks up to the main home’s power, sewer, and water lines. As long as you have the room in your backyard and zoning permission, you’ll have the joy of your parent close by while allowing for privacy and personal space. You may even have a babysitter available just a few steps away!

The companies that build these pods keep a senior’s needs in mind in the design.  Grab bars, railings, soft floors, and automatic night lighting are some of the features that accommodate people who want to age-in-place. 

The granny pod is an excellent solution if there isn’t enough room in your home or if living under one roof is too stressful. If your parent can’t climb stairs or need wheelchair access, the pod accommodates these issues. 

Read HERE for links to granny pod companies, estimated costs (as well as how this cost compares to assisted living facility costs), and reasons why this may or may not be a great fit for your family.