Why Aren’t You Wearing Your Hearing Aid?

The answer is most probably one of several reasons. Fifty percent of seniors between the ages of 75-84 have hearing loss, increasing to 95% by age 94. However, only 20% of people purchase the aids, and many choose not to wear them once they are home! 

The myriad of reasons to keep them in their case includes the stigma of being considered older, unrealistic expectations since your hearing doesn’t return to the way it was when younger, or the cosmetics of something clunky around your ear. Each of these complaints dissipates with new technology advancing every year. When you sense no one can see the tiny piece in your ear, it makes using them more palatable. 

Even if someone can notice the aid in your ear, why is that any different from someone noticing your eyeglasses?

Start with a doctor as the best way to go about improving your hearing. An ear, nose, and throat specialist may refer you to a professionally trained audiologist who will measure your hearing loss and custom fit the best aid for you. They will also be available before, during, and after you begin using the earpieces for fine-tuning and readjustments.  

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