82 yr old woman is oldest to launch into space July 20, 2021

When I’m 82, my bucket list may include some wild adventures but this is rather extraordinary..  “I like to do things nobody has ever done.” Meet Wally Funk. She is one of 13 female pilots who passed the same tests as NASA’s original astronauts in the early 1960’s, but they weren’t allowed to go to space because they were women.  She will be one of Bezos’s guests on his flight July 20th – just after Richard Branson’s flight July 11th – and will beat John Glenn’s record of being 77 when he flew aboard Discovery in 1998.

The link below shares more details and compares the upcoming flights of Virgin Galactic (Branson), Blue Origin (Bezos), and Space X (Elon Musk) as all 3 private companies plan to take paying customers into space.  Start saving now because Branson’s original tickets which have been reserved for a future flight for customers were $250,000.  He has 600 reservations in the pipeline already.

Funk can hardly wait, and as Bezos said “No one has waited longer.. It’s time. Welcome to the crew, Wally.”

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