For your Senior who has everything?: Top trend is a Three-Wheeled Bike

As seniors become more and more active, many look for new ways to enjoy the outdoors. Balance issues cause some seniors to feel insecure about riding a bicycle. A three-wheeled bike might be the solution for your next run to the grocery store? If your basket is sturdy enough, the fruits, vegetables, and milk can enjoy the ride home with you. 

Two-thirds of people over 65 have mobility issues, making it difficult to walk or climb. Your three-wheeled bike centers your weight in your pelvis, alleviating the weight on your legs. Those seniors with joint pain can find biking easier than padding along on two feet. Any aerobic exercise is good for the brain, blood vessels, and heart, not to mention the endorphins released while moving. Have you ever seen someone frowning as they rode by you?

Muscle mass throughout your lower body increases while riding a bike. Shoulder and arm muscles strengthen from holding the handlebars and steering, and your bone density increases from the resistance of pushing on the pedals. You get a full-body workout just for having fun. 

Read the article HERE from to decide if you want a traditional, recumbent, or tandem three-wheeled bike, so you’ll be ready for the next grocery run.