74 yr old Senior Athlete runner: new love of Power Walking

Next time you want to complain about an ache or pain, gain inspiration from a 74-year-old woman whose doctor told her to stop running in 1995. Her doctor wasn’t out of line since he just completed her fourth knee replacement. Rather than heed his advice, she slowly built up her stamina to complete a slow-jog half-marathon. 

It was taxing that she always had to be mindful not to go too far or too fast until she found the perfect solution in power walking. New to the sport, she signed up for the National Senior Games sponsored by Humana. Still cautious, she didn’t push too hard but noticed she kept passing her fellow walkers. When she crossed the finish line, she asked if the race was over since there weren’t too many people around. Much to her surprise, she won the gold medal by finishing first!

Humana was so impressed with her positive attitude and the way she overcame adversity that they named her a “Game Changer,” which they bestow on those who inspire others to stay healthy and active. Those words of wisdom from your childhood, “walk, don’t run,” seem apropos for every senior told to slow down.

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