Foods To Avoid if You Have Arthritis

Your day may slow down quickly if you have a flare-up of arthritis, especially if joint pain or swelling appears for no rhyme or reason. The solution to the mystery may be under your nose. What you eat could trigger your arthritis. There is no magic list of food to avoid because each person is different, and the type of arthritis you have influences your reactions. 

Processed sugars could be a significant factor in increasing inflammation in the body. Packaged snack foods can trigger the release of inflammatory molecules called cytokines. White flour-based products like rice and crackers contain refined carbohydrates. The body turns the molecular structure of while grains into sugar quickly and makes it highly inflammatory. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, full-fat dairy products for people with an intolerance to milk will present problems. 

Hold on those steaks crackling over the bar-b-que. The charred flavor you taste is actually from toxins that may damage proteins in the body, and meat that is high in fat more easily metabolizes into chemicals that cause inflammation. The good news is that your red wine and coffee aren’t off bounds as long as you don’t drink either excessively, which will increase inflammation. 

Follow this LINK for an article that dives into the details of the foods to avoid. Then enjoy those delicious foods that are healthy.