The Five Ms of Geriatricians

There is no magical age for seniors to switch to a geriatrician. If you are comfortable with your primary care physician, there is no need to move unless issues relating to age start adding up. Geriatricians participate in additional training after medical school, allowing them to address concerns for those over 65-years-old. Whether you need them before you’re 65 or not until you are 105 depends on you. 

Geriatricians tend to take more time with their patients and focus on a more holistic approach to care. They categorize care into five primary areas that each happen to start with the letter M! 

Mobility issues dominate senior care since falls are a primary reason many Seniors end up in the hospital or doctor’s office. Managing medications is essential for those who have multiple prescriptions. Your geriatrician will ensure that one drug won’t affect others. Your mind is the third M, whereby your doctor is keen on monitoring your cognitive and behavioral health. Multicomplexity is 4th, & means managing complex and chronic illnesses. The final M is something no one can escape, no matter how healthy you are. ‘Matters most’ is the term geriatricians use to describe palliative and end-of-life care.

Follow this LINK if you want to read more on why to see a geriatrician and learn the extensive training they complete for your benefit. Meanwhile, have fun while trying to delay the inevitable!