Gardening in July

Enjoy the fruits of your labor! If there is ever a time to sit and savor life in the backyard, it is in July. Grab a glass of iced tea and plop yourself in a lounge chair near the pots that are bursting with color, and your shade plants such as hosta burst with abundance under an umbrella or a covered porch. 

If you are aching to tend to your garden rather than luxuriating in it, there are plenty of chores to tackle. Harvest! Those round red delicacies are just beginning to call out for your salad, Caprese, or BLT. Nothing says summer more than your home-grown tomatoes. Vegetables like cucumbers and zucchini taste better when you pick them and devour them the same day. A handful of blueberries or strawberries each day means you enjoy them at their peak. 

Mulch, mulch, and mulch some more if you want to keep your garden low-maintenance and healthy. Two to three inches of mulch around all your beds and borders keeps the soil moist, slows down weeds, and improves the quality of your fruits and vegetables.  Deadhead your spent flower blooms and it will encourage more blossoms to come forward.

If you want a step-by-step approach to ten specific things you can do in your garden in July, then follow this LINK to an article that details ways to keep your garden beautiful. And yes, stop to smell the roses!