Play it Safe on the Pickleball Court

Are you one of the four million people playing the fastest growing sport in the United States? Men and women over 50 account for 91 percent of the 19,000 pickleball players, which translates to many seniors making up the majority of people who face injuries from play. 

Warm up! Like most sports, you can avoid muscle strains and pulls by warming up before you begin. One fundamental way to prevent falls is to focus on your footing. There are many quick starts and stops in the sport, and having the best possible shoes for hard-court wear is essential. When the tread on your soles begins to look worn, plan on a shopping trip after your morning games.

Pickleball is fast. When the ball lobs overhead, there is a natural tendency to backpedal, which is an opportune time to lose balance and fall. Good communication with your partner provides a solution. Say “I’ve got it,” and run at an angle to the back of the court, rather than watching your partner backpedal. 

If you’d like to read all seven tips to avoid getting hurt on the pickleball court, follow this LINK, which provides the original article for this post. 

Have fun, sweat hard, keep laughing: some of the myriad advantages of pickleball!