Walking Soccer: popular in the U.K… now in the U.S.?

A new sport is emerging in the United States that will be enticing many seniors onto the field in the years to come. It all began in England when a global bank featured walking soccer in a television ad in 2015. Today, you’ll find hundreds of senior soccer walking teams in the U.K., and the sport seems to be catching on here as well.   

The sport is very similar to the soccer you see being played during the World Cup with a few variations. The games only last 60 minutes, the players must always have one foot on the ground, and you can’t kick the ball above six feet. Can you imagine a better way to improve your balance, strength, and stamina?

A video on YouTube titled Introduction to Walking Football (soccer in the U.S. translation) from the U.K. provides tips for walking quickly. If you can keep from smiling, you may be ready to start a league in your community at the closing credits. 

If you are interested in staying fit and meeting more fun-loving people ready to begin something new, follow this LINK to an article introducing you to a new way that seniors continue to enjoy life.