Italians Do It Better

When it comes to food, arguably no culture has more passion for eating and drinking than Italians. Since most people aren’t traveling to the boot yet, maybe it’s time to bring some of their habits stateside. Incorporating la dolce vita into your everyday life could inspire new ways of appreciating the sweet life.  The link below gives you an insider’s look at their foodie rituals and what they are called.

Italians live by the phrase, a ‘season for a reason.’ Eat your tomatoes when they are ripe in late summer. Olives are at their peak in August. Purchasing produce at the source is essential to enjoy the freshest food. Your farmer’s market or roadside market will provide fruits and vegetables in season. 

The Italian day is surrounded by food and drink. Begin the day at your coffee bar and sidle up to the counter for an espresso. In the afternoon, enjoy a gelato during the Merenda, snack time around 4 p.m. Before dinner, enjoy an aperitivo like a Negroni with a salty snack to stimulate your appetite. End the evening with a digestive like a grappa to help digest the meal and help you drift off to sleep. 

Follow this LINK to read an article listing the ten eating and drinking rules that Italians enjoy. You’ll be chanting “Ciao Bella!” to the next beautiful person you see. Who knows what will happen next!