Right-Sizing is the New Downsizing!

No need for eye rolling here…  If you focus on the liberation that comes with transitioning to a smaller abode, tackling the project ahead offers a new adventure. Tried and true tips from professional move managers can make your journey exciting. 

Your most sentimental items should go with you. If these things still bring a smile to you now, they will do the same years from now and must tag along to your new living quarters. Could some memorabilia, however, be just as precious if you took a picture of it? Making an album of old concert posters may bring more joy than if they collect dust in your new location!  If the photos are easy access on your phone or in your computer, or even on a desktop frame that flips through them automatically, you can probably make good money selling the posters online!

Whether you are right-sizing or staying put, decluttering your bathroom should be a priority. Bathrooms should only store what you use each day. Those drawers full of old pill bottles, cosmetic samples, and broken jewelry should disappear. Keep three baskets under the counter of daily essentials and use them as needed. 

Closet cleanouts for clothes can be immediate gratification if you use the 1 year rule.. if you haven’t work it in that period of time, let it go.. Especially if the items are for “when I lose 10 pounds”.  Instead, if you clean out the closet and then lose 10 pounds, you can reward yourself with something new!  Each time you bring in a new article of clothing, let one go to consignment or charity. You will be proud of yourself!

Can you rent those things that you use infrequently? Maybe you only use the highchair, crib, or changing table when your grandchildren arrive for their yearly visit. Choose to rent those items since the young ones will be preteens in the blink of an eye.

Follow this LINK for 13 tips to celebrate right-sizing as you reduce the clutter and create more space for fun!