Senior Hunters (over 80) whose stories you’ll love!

Oxygen tank regardless, a gentleman from Michigan joined his friends for Independence Hunt in Michigan and shot a deer. Many people can claim such an accomplishment, but how many of them are 100-years-old?! Michigan alone sold deer hunting licenses to 7,500 people over 80 years old. It doesn’t appear that age slows down the love of the hunt. 

Hunting offers an excellent opportunity to be in the fresh air, and it provides plenty of time with kids and grandkids if they hunt too. A retired mason featured in the story below began hunting at 14 and only missed two of the last 71 seasons because he served in the military. He mentions that his wife won’t let him hunt alone anymore due to his bypass surgery 20 years ago! 

Another gentleman hasn’t missed a season since 1946, and the best companion he has is his hunting partner, who is his 83-year-old wife. They began hunting together when they were 16 and 14, and he claims she can track better than any hound. That sounds like a marriage made in heaven. 

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