The Making of an Elegant Man

Maybe you don’t want cat calls as you walk by, but which man doesn’t love turning heads as he passes?

The years may be slipping by, and maybe you don’t feel as suave and sophisticated as you once did. It may be as simple as taking stock of your appearance to turn the sloppy look into one that will grab attention. Bag the baggy jeans! Fitted jeans will make you look more refined immediately. Next time you head to the coffee shop, avoid wearing the faded t-shirt and comfy sweats. Save them for late-night streaming and don a snazzy shirt and comfortable slacks that project youthful authority. 

People love you just the way you are, but why not project an aura of confidence? Trim those wild eyebrow, nose, and ear hairs that add ages to you. Growing a stylish beard today is a sign of youthfulness. Be sure to keep it trimmed as you don’t want a Santa Claus look! No need to color the gray hair since men look more sophisticated with gray as long as you get a clean, fashionable haircut.  Upgrade the metal glasses you’ve worn for the last two decades. Shave years off with fashion glasses. Then, whiten those teeth and flash your beautiful smile. Did you know that Velcro sneakers project an old-man look? Have fun purchasing new stylish shoes that include a splash of color. 

Follow this LINK to read an article written for the up-and-coming elegant and youthful senior. Enjoy the attention at your next café!