Kayaking for Seniors builds Muscles, Vitamin D, and Better Memory

August may be the one time of the year you look forward to others splashing you with cool water. With temperatures and humidity at a peak during the month, exercising in water may be the perfect antidote. Kayaking could become your new summer sport. 

It’s good to know that an aerobic activity like kayaking can help you boost the size of your hippocampus! That may be news to most seniors, but it is the area of the brain responsible for verbal memory and learning. While you’re on the water, the sun is most likely shining, and your body will produce Vitamin D when you bask in its hot rays – allowing you to absorb calcium better, which will fuels strong bones. 

The decision ahead is whether to paddle along a river, on a lake, or in the ocean. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to get a full upper-body workout. Your back, shoulders, chest, and arms may feel it the next day, but it is a good kind of feeling when you know you are becoming stronger with each stroke. These are certainly the kinds of strokes we can benefit from and don’t need to avoid!

Follow this LINK for an article that offers you multiple health benefits of kayaking – & go grab a friend who will appreciate a good splash on a hot summer day.