Omega-3 and A Longer Life

The secret to a longer life is not necessarily a secret… New studies found a positive correlation between a higher rate of omega-3 in your bloodstream and a lower mortality rate for those over 65. Some believe that testing for omega-3 in your blood may be as, if not more, important as knowing your cholesterol level or blood pressure.

Keeping your omega-3 levels high depends on you since the body isn’t good at producing it on its own. The study found that the benefits of high levels of omega-3 in increasing longevity didn’t stand up if the participants smoked. The key to longevity is to throw out the cigarettes and increase the amount of fish in your diet. 

Soybeans and chia seeds are exceptionally high in omega-3, as are salmon, tuna, and sardines. A tuna fish sandwich for lunch and barbequed salmon for dinner may be a healthy way to enjoy your golden years. 

Follow this LINK for an article that details the specifics of the study and notes other studies that link the fatty acid to lower rates of cancer and a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease.