Gardening in August

It is time to share! Share your tomatoes, your zucchini, and all the fruits of your labor. It’s essential to harvest your produce as soon as it’s ready because vegetables like zucchini will get tough if you leave them on the vine too long. Besides, when homegrown tomatoes are plump and juicy, how can you resist a fresh-from-the-garden Caprese or BLT for lunch or dinner?  

The heat and humidity are two constants in August, and so you will want to water more than usual. Also, inspect all your plants for diseased foliage. Grab your gloves and dispose of any contaminated leaves. Be on the lookout for unwanted pests, as well. Snails, slugs, spider mites are some examples of unwanted insects you probably don’t want lurking in the garden. 

If you still want to add more color to your garden, visit your local nursery for heat-resistant flowers. Zinnias pop with color and love a hot climate. These fast-growing plants demand little care and will bloom right through the fall. Another hardy little plant is moss rose. They may sit on your nursery’s sale rack, but they retain their beauty into the summer. Moss rose is an excellent ground cover, and the flowers look like miniature roses. Just don’t expect them to open on cloudy days. 

Follow this LINK for an article that offers specific advice for your garden. It divides the chores depending on where you live in the country. Then grab your lemonade and enjoy your garden!