Enjoy More from Your Social Security Checks

Whether your goal is to use Social Security to finance all your upcoming vacations or to help pay current bills, there are simple ways to increase the amount you get. Some seniors are leaving money on the table if they collect too soon. Many myths about the program steer people away from making the best choices. 

Want to make eight percent on your money annually? Most people would be happy with that return from their brokerage accounts! All you need to do to collect eight percent is.. nothing. If you postpone collecting social security, you will receive more money once the collections begin. Think of those vacations! If you wait until 66, you’ll receive roughly 30 percent more each month than if you started collecting at 62. 

If you expect to live a very long life, as most active and healthy seniors do, social security could return more to you than your hard-working income put into it. That should entice you to exercise more and eat healthy foods. Just think what you can do with that play money as you extend your joy of living!

Follow this LINK to an article that debunks five social security myths and then dream about spending that extra income.