Preparing to Backpack in your Sixties

Never say never. One woman who grew up as a bookworm decided at 60, she wasn’t too old to climb a steep mountain. Having the stamina to carry a 35-pound bag packed with a tent and sleeping bag to sleep under the stars didn’t happen overnight, but it also didn’t take too long either. With determination and a good attitude, most seniors in that age range could follow her lead and reach the mountaintop sooner than you’d dream. 

Her story is inspiring because she was always chubby and detested gym class as a child. After decades of walking a three-mile loop as her children grew, she decided to train for a more challenging adventure.  Over a few months, she began hiking up a local hill three times a week, practiced deep knee bends, and filled a backpack with books to practice with the weight. A trip to the Grand Tetons and this 60-year-old found herself climbing 2500 feet to camp at the top of the world. Trips to Yellowstone, Utah, and Alaska followed. 

Follow this LINK to read an article that offers her advice on everything from hiking poles to shoes. You will be accomplishing feats you never dreamed possible. She did.