Small Steps Now to Age in Place Later

We read that two-thirds of seniors want to age in place as they grow older, and one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to be proactive. Sixty-five million seniors fall each year, sending ten percent to the hospital. By simply decluttering the paths most often used in the house offers two benefits. You can make minor adjustments long before a crisis occurs so that you won’t find it overwhelming later. Clearing the pathway to the bathroom and the garage will help you avoid tripping as you age, and it also provides room to dash down the hallway today!

Whether you are a teenager or an octogenarian, slippery floors are ripe for missteps. Adding skidproof material to smooth surfaces under your feet will protect you later in life and can offer a good alternative to hallway runners which can cause people of any age to stumble. Adding a second banister on stairways so that each side has grab bars will keep you balanced and help when you carry a heavy load down the stairs today.

Making modest but consistent modifications today can add years to the time you remain at home. Follow this LINK for an article that offers 16 tips to be proactive so that you can stay home as long as you wish.