Story-telling lifts your heart with 100 words.. and perhaps pays you $100!

When I was a child, I loved reading my mother’s Reader’s Digest – at least I loved the page which featured Laughter the Best Medicine..

Who knew when I became an adult years later that laughter would be the center of family meals, work week relationships, and even a center point for this website which I launched last year in order to incorporate some humor here and there with blogs bringing you current trends and new info relevant to seniors and those who care about them!

That said, Reader’s Digest offers a way for certain contest winners to win $100 for stories of 100 words that they want to publish!

Click on the link below for examples of contest winners as well as a very enjoyable read – and then submit your own. We all have a good story to tell so just take a few minutes and submit yours for a chance to brighten someone’s day as well as possibly winning money!

Your 100-Word True Stories: Contest Winners