Travel Insurance Decisions

As you tiptoe back into the world of travel, insurance coverage may have more significance than it has in the past. To purchase, or not to purchase? Even Hamlet would ponder this question today. It is the little gotchas that make travel insurance a pickle to figure out. Unforeseen issues, for example, don’t include the expenses you incur if you arrive at the airport with an expired passport. Insurance companies deem that foreseen since you should have checked. A hurricane is undoubtedly unforeseen. However, purchase the insurance before the weather station gives those winds a name because now it is a foreseen circumstance. 


A ‘cancel for any reason’ add-on with most policies could be sound advice. Purchase your insurance just after you confirm tickets and lodging. If you break your leg before you leave, you want to use the insurance for a refund. Before purchasing any travel insurance, check with what your health insurance plan provides, especially for overseas travel. You may want to buy evacuation insurance if your health plan falls short in this area. A surprising 30 percent of people who purchase travel insurance end up filing a claim. 


Follow this LINK to an article with 18 tips to be aware of before you leave on your jet plane. The advice on COVID coverage is worth reading.