New Study on Dangers of Sleep Apnea – & a Simple solution!

If you’re tired of being elbowed several times a night by your partner in bed or ending up on the couch because of your loud snores, there may be more at stake here than just getting some peace & quiet for a change.  Blockage of airflow during sleep affects one billion people worldwide, affecting the quality of life for many seniors. Heavy snoring and daytime fatigue are common complaints of seniors or their partners. A review of over 22 studies involving 42,000 people with a mean age of 62-years-old shows dire consequences of sleep apnea. The research found that individuals with the ailment are twice as likely to experience sudden death and have a twofold risk of cardiovascular death that increases with age. 

It could also speed up the aging process due to oxidative stress. The stress occurs when the throat closes off, which is similar to being choked, and the occurrences can happen hundreds of times during the night. A simple diagnosis and solution are readily available however, so don’t put it off any longer!

The results of the study allowed patients to understand the seriousness of an apnea diagnosis. Not only are untreated apnea patients more likely to develop high blood pressure and heart disease, they now realize they could face a risk of sudden death. Getting treatment is key to combating it and reversing the adverse effects of sleep apnea. Follow this LINK for an article that discusses the advantages of a timely diagnosis and treatment and discussing that more research could help find ways people can avoid it in the first place.