The Nomadic Lifestyle for these Seniors

Were you one of many people decades ago who grabbed a backpack and purchased a Eurail pass? Traveling unencumbered was a last rite of passage before settling down and supporting yourself and a family. Retirement may allow you to come full circle and relive those carefree days again. A myriad of seniors now embrace the nomadic lifestyle.

Becoming a nomad is undoubtedly one way to downsize! At one end of the spectrum, seniors sell their homes and rid themselves of most of their possessions before venturing out. International travelers carry their suitcases much as they lugged backpacks in their youth. When borders closed over the last couple of years, they adjusted their plans and hunkered down in whatever paradise they found themselves. Those who chose to live an RV lifestyle set up longer stays at parks and campsites. If there is ever a group of people who can adjust to disruption, it is these vagabonds. 

Follow this LINK for an article that shares stories from people traveling the world or extending stays in exotic places where they wanted to be. These nomads may make your dreams look doable!