10 Great items Seniors can Rent instead of Buy

When it comes to rentals for Seniors, these may sound uncommon but when it saves money then why not consider the upside?

From coffins to power tools, or sports equipment to formal wear, these have merit!  Thinking of the number of childrens’ or grandchildrens’ weddings or graduations.. it may be nice to not always show up in the same uniform of that dress that you knew was expensive so therefore your justification was to wear it on multiple occasions. There are links here for both women and mens fashion rentals.

What about how quickly many children tire of the same toys? Whether you tell your grown kids about this for their children, or you do it for your grandchildren, there is a great way to swap out wooden toys each month through a subscription service run by two early childhood educators.  Read more below for plenty of great ideas, and the links to the sources!


10 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy