A Tandem for A Senior Couple

Nat King Cole, and originally and Harry Dacre, made famous the song with the phrase “But you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two..” and this is as true today as it was then! 

A couple in North Carolina discovered a way to avoid driving their car for days on end. Aside from avoiding carbon emissions, bike rides along the waterfront or to the sandy beach offer ample opportunities for a fun way to travel. 

Tandem bikes require coordinated effort and communication between the captain, who rides in the front, and the stoker, pedaling from behind. While the captain may feel in charge, stokers can make the ride more challenging if the captain gets too uppity with their status. It doesn’t take the stoker much effort to focus on the scenery from the back seat rather than focus their pedal power which keeps the bike moving. With two sets of legs in gear, it’s an apt comment that a tandem will get you there faster!

Summer evenings on a tandem can be a romantic night of smooth rides to dinner or a movie. The ride home at twilight provides entertainment for both the captain and the stoker as fireflies bounce among the trees, and the moon arrives on queue. 

Follow this LINK to an article that shares one couple’s tandem experience in a waterfront town along the coast of North Carolina.