Today’s Granny is HIP!

Wave goodbye to the days of the little ole lady in the rocking chair. Today’s grannies are rocking with their own style. Whether in fashion, attitude, or hobbies, seniors are replacing their knitting needles for paddleball racquets and hiking boots. It all begins with attitude, and one of the best ways to embrace life is to always see it as a learning experience. 

With time to pursue passions, seniors are budding artists and promising writers. They take classes or go back to school to begin an entirely new career. If you always wanted to be a professional athlete, now you can join a senior league in the sport of your choice. You may win a medal at the senior games!

Technology doesn’t get you down – Seniors are embracing social media, smartphones, and other more sophisticated gadgets. You may even have time to teach your grandson a little about the latest app on your phone or challenge him in the latest online game. 

While not trying to look like a teenager, seniors today have updated their style with the latest fashions, mixing bright colors and flattering jeans. More than anything, today’s granny is comfortable with herself, and her style shows it. 

Follow this LINK for an article that offers six steps to being a hip granny. You could probably be the model of today’s hippest granny!