As Mint’s season ends, use it around the house!

Mint’s last harvest is in the fall, which could be a disappointment to those who have enjoyed Mint Juleps all summer. For others who haven’t cut the voracious plant back over the summer, you may jump with joy that its time to go dormant is finally arriving. Mint loves humid soil and only needs moderate sunshine and will grow just like a weed if you don’t stop it from spreading like wildfire.  You can easily grow it inside your home as well if you don’t have a yard!

Legend says that mint keeps ants away and combats mice and fleas, and you can place mint leaves in a vase around your home to freshen the house. The aromas pop when you brush by them. Mint arrived in the United States from the Mediterranean, and so when you smell the scent, close your eyes and pretend you are resting by the shores of the sea.

When winter arrives, cut it back and cover it with mulch if you are expecting a severe winter. You can even mow large plots.

Be sure to save enough to freeze or dry to use during the holidays to garnish pork roasts, vegetables, desserts. Mint jelly adds a special treat to the winter table. 

Follow this LINK for an article that is full of mint surprises. The history of the plant and its medicinal uses in ancient Greece will encourage you to add a pot or two to your home.