Fantastic Seniors Who Sail

“Sailing is an activity that anybody can enjoy, no matter their age. It’s never too late to learn either.  Sailing programs exist in virtually every state with a coastline or big lake.  Instructors don’t discriminate; in fact, many master sailing instructors are past retirement.”

One gentleman bought his first boat at 90. He spent a year single-handing a 30-foot sailboat on long cruises and races! If you live near water, you can find sailing classes for beginners since sailing doesn’t discriminate! If a 73-year-old can sail solo from San Francisco to Hawaii, then you can too.

Sailing is more accessible as technology advances on sailboats. The rigging and controls of modern boats are lighter and easier to handle, and the ultralight parts make it possible to sail with less effort than 30 years ago. Some yachts raise and lower the sails with a press of a button! Aching muscles and sore limbs may become a complaint of the past. 

It is essential to hear radio communications if you want to keep abreast of weather warnings. Today’s vessels offer screen communication to those who may worry about hearing the radio. You may want to invest in water-resistant hearing aids to cover those days that are wet, as well as have them in case you go for a swim! No one should use age as an excuse not to enjoy a day, week, or month on the water. 

Follow this LINK for an article offering support for seniors who want to continue sailing in their twilight years or begin a new adventure on the water.