Little Tricks to Save Money While Traveling

What makes a vacation memorable? The answer probably isn’t how much money you spent. Being together and laughing doesn’t have to cost much, especially if you lower the impact on your wallet on your next vacation. Seniors have the advantage of traveling off-peak since there aren’t children in tow. You can enjoy the summer with the grandchildren and then use the shoulder seasons for personal travel when prices come down. Even short trips are more economical when you travel mid-week rather than during bustling weekends. 

Finding the lowest fares for air transport can be a fun challenge. One survey found that purchasing two months ahead is cheaper than three months. They rise again the closer you get to departure, with last-minute pricing offered just before takeoff. Then again, why not hop in the car and start your adventure on four wheels! The national parks see a considerable decrease in visitors once school begins, and a car (with the windows rolled up) provides excellent viewing of wildlife. If you travel in winter you’ll have beautiful scenery, cozy dinners, and the park almost to yourself!

Follow this LINK for an article providing five specific ways to save money while traveling. Then plan your trip and go!